We have moved here. This site will hold the old back issues untill we can move them to the new location.

The Trumpet is a resource of the United Reformed Churches of North America (URCNA) for the sharing of information on how God is working through URCNA and the needs of the ministries supported by URCNA churches.

Synod 2001 adopted the proposal to publish a denominational semiannual missions update newsletter. In adopting the proposal Synod asked Cornerstone United Reformed Church of Hudsonville to publish the newsletter. The newsletter was given the name THE TRUMPET.

At Synod 2010, West Sayville Reformed Bible Church accepted the task of publication of the newsletter. In reviewing the mandate, WSRBC Consistory believes that any submissions should come from a sponsoring URC church as the newsletter is to disseminate information on the mission activities of the churches of the federation. We thus request that missions supported by URC churches but not under direct supervision of a consistory of the URCNA submit their request for inclusion in The Trumpet through a URCNA church on an annual basis and clerks of council should relay their sponsorship for inclusion to the newsletter.

We would like to set up a regular schedule of a quarterly newsletter as has been done for several years. We thus request that the churches of the URCNA and their sponsored mission agencies submit articles in electronic form to an email address set up for this purpose: Trumpet@wsrbc.org. We request that the articles be submitted before the start of each calendar quarter so that the newsletters can go out the first month of each quarter via email and web publication. We will use the URCNA weekly update email to announce new publications to the churches.

We have set up a link on the URCNA web site, linking into http://trumpet.wsrbc.org, for the latest issue of "The Trumpet" and an archive for past issues so that they are readily available to the public and especially our church members. Thus, future changes of editorship should be transparent to the users.